there is not a snowflake

They look an awful lot like woolly mammoths, an extinct species that once roamed much of the Northern Hemisphere. Like the mammoths, banthas have long tusks and hairy, shaggy coats – although they do lack trunks.

This is actually rather odd. Woolly mammoths thrived during the recent ice ages, when huge sheets of ice expanded from the Arctic and covered North America and northern Europe. The mammoths' huge size and thick coats helped them to stay warm in the frigid climate.

In contrast, banthas live on the desert planet of Tatooine. We never see an onscreen thermometer but it is clearly baking hot and there is not a snowflake in sight. The banthas ought to overheat.

We can only conclude that they were imported from somewhere else, perhaps the ice world of Hoth, or else someone has selectively bred them for their fur.  
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they dance with their eyes

It’s easy to regard Therese, with her mousy bangs and ambition of becoming a photographer, as the film’s coming-of-age heroine. Carol, with her luxe manner and gray stone mansion (the film’s one token Sirkian touch – it’s right out of his 1956 melodrama Written on the Wind), seems, at first, the unambiguous aggressor. But our feelings about Blanchett’s Carol become more complex as soon as we learn that she’s in the middle of a divorce, grasping to get joint custody of her young daughter reenex

Blanchett and Mara don’t just act together, they dance with their eyes

Her stuffy husband (Kyle Chandler) knows about her affairs with women reenex, deeply resents them, and loves her anyway. It’s really a control issue; he doesn’t want to give her up. Yet Carol’s decision to end their marriage isn’t just about her need to get away from a man who’s a possessive lout. It’s about something deeper – the yearning for a life in which her desires can openly define her existence reenex.  
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the Scarborough Shoal

US maritime patrol aircraft and warships have already ventured close to some of the newly constructed facilities, ignoring urgent messages from the Chinese authorities to go away.

There is a real danger of serious friction. "The US is going to argue that it needs to continually demonstrate the freedom of the seas," says Mr Chipman.

One of the things he hopes will happen at this Singapore meeting is that "there will be a continuation of the US-China military-to-military talks to try to ensure that there are no accidents or incidents at sea or in the air".

By Rupert Wingfield-Hayes

There are many competing claims to territory in the South China Sea, but only China and Taiwan claim to own it all.

Beijing's claim - not only to the Spratly Islands, but also the Scarborough Shoal and the Paracel Islands - is marked out on its own maps by the infamous "nine-dash line", which encompasses a huge tongue-shaped expanse stretching right up to the coasts of the Philippines and Vietnam and even Borneo.  
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Flights were reported

Members of the UFO union are planning further strike action throughout the week at further airports.

Lufthansa and UFO are in a long-running dispute over retirement benefits.

Monday's strike will run from 03:30 GMT until 22:00 GMT in Frankfurt and Duesseldorf and 23:00 GMT at Munich.

It will affect more than three times as many flights as a nine-hour walkout last Friday, and almost double the 520 cancelled on Saturday miris spa

Flights were reported to be running normally on Sunday.

Lufthansa said two thirds of the group's 3,000 flights would still run on Monday, as subsidiaries Austrian Airlines, Germanwings, Eurowings, Brussels Airlines, Air Dolomiti, Swiss and Cityline would not be affected miris spa

Calling the strike "unprecedented in the history of Lufthansa", the company said its board would meet to discuss the consequences.

UFO, which is looking to keep early retirement benefits and pensions for its members, said it is seeking a "clear sign" of a sustainable agreement.

Lufthansa's reluctance to meet its demands is "not comprehensible" given the company just raised its full year profit forecast to €1.95bn, the union saidmiris spa.  
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A "filibuster"

The self-professed "democratic socialist" eschews big-time fundraising and is to the left of much of the Democratic primary electoratereenex 效果.

Still he's the kind of crusty, unvarnished liberal that some voters will find refreshing and can, at least, serve as a protest vehicle for those on the left who see Mrs Clinton as too moderate, too slick or too corporate.

It seems increasingly unlikely that the left-wing progressives will get their dream candidate, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, so Mr Sanders may end up being their next best thing.

In 2010 in a procedural move known as a "filibuster", he railed against Wall Street and corporate greed on the Senate floor that was aimed at stalling a bill to extend tax cuts reenex hongkong.

Sanders' identity as a socialist makes him a unique player in the American political arena, where the term "socialist" is often used pejoratively.

There have been widespread calls for Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who has a largely progressive political agenda, to throw her hat into the ring. She has said she will not run.

Sanders was elected to Congress as a member of the US House of Representatives in 1991, and previously served as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont.
large silicone steamer  
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crash the software,

Exploiting it could threaten the smooth running of internet services as it allows hackers to launch denial-of-service attacks on websites, potentially forcing them offline.

Regular internet users are unlikely to be severely affected, however reenex

Bind is the name of a variety of Domain Name System (DNS) software used on the majority of internet servers.

The recently identified bug allows attackers to crash the software, therefore taking the DNS service offline and preventing URLs, for example, from working.

A patch for the flaw is already available, but many systems are yet to be updated reenex.

The Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), which develops Bind, said in a tweet that the vulnerability was "particularly critical" and "easily exploited".
Attacks launched

Daniel Cid, a networking expert at Sucuri has published a blog post on the vulnerability in which he explained that real exploits taking advantage of the flaw have already happened reenex.

He told the BBC: "A few of our clients, in different industries, had their DNS servers crashed because of it.

"Based on our experience, server software, like Bind, Apache, OpenSSL and others, do not get patched as often as they should."  
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it wasn't recognising

Ipilimumab, which was approved as an advanced melanoma treatment by the UK's health service last year, and nivolumab both take the brakes off.

An international trial on 945 people showed that taking both drugs led to tumours shrinking by at least a third in 58% of patients - with the tumours stable or shrinking for an average of 11.5 months.

The figures, published simultaneously in the New England Journal of Medicine, for ipilimumab on its own were 19% and 2.5 monthsreenex.
'Big future'

Dr James Larkin, a consultant at the Royal Marsden Hospital and one of the UK's lead investigators, told BBC News: "By giving these drugs together you are effectively taking two brakes off the immune system rather than one so the immune system is able to recognise tumours it wasn't previously recognising and react to that and destroy themreenex.

"For immunotherapies, we've never seen tumour shrinkage rates over 50% so that's very significant to see.

"This is a treatment modality that I think is going to have a big future for the treatment of cancerPicosecond."  
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China's growth would

The cut is the third in six months and will take effect from Monday. It follows other measures designed to spur growth in China, including tax cuts reenex cps

China's slowdown is expected to continue for some years. Last week, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted China's growth would stabilise at about 6% by 2017.

Also last week, weaker than expected official figures on both trade and inflation were released. The rate cut suggests data to be published this week, on industrial output and investment, may also disappoint.

The country's economic problems also include the property market, which is cooling after a damaging period that saw a speculative bubble emerge reenex cps.
Heading lower

The central bank said in a statement: "China's economy is still facing relatively big downward pressure.

"At the same time, the overall level of domestic prices remains low, and real interest rates [interest rates relative to inflation] are still higher than the historical average."

Recent rate cuts have not yet fully filtered through to market rates
reenex cps
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its "war

The seven foreigners and one Indonesian were executed by firing squad on Wednesday, sparking diplomatic fury.

In a statement, Mr Ban said the death penalty had "no place in the 21st Century" and urged Indonesia to spare all other death row prisoners.

Indonesia has staunchly defended its actions as part of its "war on drugs".

"Execution is not a pleasant thing. It is not a fun job," Indonesian Attorney General Prasetyo said on Wednesday.

"But we must do it in order to save the nation from the danger of drugs."

Among the executed prisoners were two Australian men - Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran - and Brazilian Rodrigo Gularte, all convicted of drug smuggling.

Australia, a key ally of Indonesia, has recalled its ambassador in protest.
Mr Abbott on Wednesday described the treatment of the Australians as "cruel and unnecessary", calling it a "dark moment" in Australia's relationship with Indonesia.

"We respect Indonesia's sovereignty but we do deplore what's been done and this cannot be simply business as usual," he said.
華洋坊 好唔好  
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you're raising money

Some are obvious. For example, if you have a series of felonies then that will count against you," Mr Maris warns.

"There are also categories that we don't invest in, like online gambling, which would be against our values.

"If you're obsessed with your financial stake at the first meeting that's also a big red light. If you're talking about selling some of your equity at the same time as you're raising money that is likely to be a problem, though there maybe personal reasons someone would be doing that that we would take account of.

"People who can't listen is another one. It's not that we're looking to give instruction but we do want to be advisors, so if you're not open to feedback it's unlikely that it's going to work.

"It also works the other way. We're not really looking for companies that need us. Needing us too much can be a warning sign."

The number of billionaires and super-wealthy are expected to swell in the coming decade, but who will make it and how?

The BBC's global news teams go in search of the next generation of extreme wealth makers and find out what their emergence means for our changing world.
What's the best way to approach Google Venturesreenex cps?

"We've evaluated tens of thousands of businesses and invested in 250, but we have never invested in a company that came to us out of the bluereenex 價錢

"The best way to approach us is through someone who knows us, knows someone on the team or someone who works at Google. If you can be recommended by someone you rise to the top of the stack."

"We don't take cold calls as we would never be able to keep up with the volume and wouldn't be able to give each one the time it deserves. The best ones will find a way to know someone on the team and get referred in."緊緻  
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marriage grave love maze

a car derailed derailed, may be fatal car crash. But people derailed, tend to be forgiven, the reason is very complex. Cheating and cheating, is betrayal, such people like fall into the toilet coins, but not to pick up, pick up the nausea, in each other's feelings of the world is a kind of hurt, the heart can not be good Office chair.

Trust: inner inferior people often like Cha Gang, for fear of losing, but because of their weak. Trust is often based on a balance, need a lot of things, not familiar with no trust, the word often contradicts and love. Not nice. People get trust, because of love; but it may not be trusted, lost love.

Responsibilities: when talking about the conditions often encounter the word, if lost, would be a non moral abyss. This is the family support, often biased in favor of men. Like after work to go home on time; like raising children, love wife, filial piety. The responsibility thinning, usually different people different scores, not words.雪纖瘦

value: the lyrics are "not forever in the commotion, by the preference of all secure to rely on". All know the society a lot of temptation, be overcome by one's feelings will be a lot of time, but we need to keep to yourself. You know, now the income be not easily won, do not worry about personal gains and losses, not meet often in remorse, not be forgive.

now this word, let you waiting for so long, really feel shy. Don't say much, everybody knows. Just want to say that, in when you implement this word, must keep faith, have more love. Considering marriage, from then on, the word became a part of life, without extra explanation.

some people say that marriage is the grave of love. After calling this word into reality, lost take one's ease, look before you leap ego one.  
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I told the little wake up

The university I think small, often wake up, mother said, small up to repeat. Small awake or basic. I give high school students now small wake roommates call, ask how she woke up. She angrily told me: small wake is a neuropathy, the dormitory was made. Sometimes small wake a week without back to the dormitory, sometimes small wake up in the middle of the night to read English, sometimes small wake up drunk to shout a night person, sometimes hard to draw, don't eat not to drink, nor others in front of her...... I shed tears, strange, I grew up, but also vulnerable than small wake reenex hongkong.

In return, the mother said, small wake is not admitted to university, went to a restaurant to work, the hotel I go to the mother said, did not see the small wake up, only to see a bad boss......

The big two back, a month, the mother did not mention small wake up, until the departure, the mother may say, go to have a look small wake up, she just back from drug rehabilitation center. When I walked into the small room of the wake, she still draw on the bed, hear my voice, she covered his head with the quilt. A piece of painting, I cannot read, just look like skulls frightening. My back was to the small wake, try to calmly said: wake up, go to school, learn to draw, I will give you as a model, I earn money, we will have an exhibition. For a long time, small wake up cold voice spread to come over: in this life I hate the most is you, you take away all my pride. Moment of surprise flashed by, I understand all, see small wake up why not dance, no longer play, doesn't love reading, don't like wearing a pink sweater, don't like writing articles...... Every time her efforts will in the end become my background, I took off all her pride of the field, in addition to painting, in addition to a morning...... I shed floods down one's cheeks., choke with sobs: wake up, sorry. Small wake, sorry. Small wake, sorry...... That evening I must be stupid, just know that I'm sorry. I don't know, small wake pride is in inside, this pride is not allowed me to win, even the best of friends, the small wake up do not know, in front of her how much I inferiority reenex效果.

When out of the room, and I told the little wake up: we are no longer friends, never......

I heard a loud, I know, is the photo: beige sweater I, pink sweater small wake up, I always hold a flagon, silly smile. Small wake up with great care with a small glass, blushed Bo Ying Compound Eu Yan Sang......  
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I saw a musician stopped

There is a famous musician, before the fame he had served as Russia's private Duke band captain 中醫診治.

Suddenly one day, Duke decided to dissolve the bands, musicians who heard the news when a time all, lose presence of mind, being at a loss what to do, I do not know what to do. Looking at these and share sb.'s joys and sorrows together with their close ally of many years, he can not sleep, have no appetite for food, rack sth., think it over and over again, suddenly had an idea 生蠔.

He immediately wrote a "farewell song", "said the Duke is to make a final farewell to a unique performance, the Duke agreed 物業加按.

This one night, because it is the last time for the prince concert, the musicians were dull expression, All thoughts are blasted., basically have no spirit, but in these days to get along with the Duke a friendship, we still can, make all-out efforts to play.

This song very joyous melody of a beautiful start, between the emotional and the Duke and beautiful expression of friendship between the most incisive, the Duke was deeply moved. Gradually, the music from the bright to euphemism, but also gradually to a low, finally, sad mood in the hall was filled to open.

Then, I saw a musician stopped, blew out the candles on the music, to the Duke bowed deeply, and then quietly left. After a while, and a musician to leave the same way. Thus, the musicians left one after another, in the end, the empty hall, leaving him alone. I saw him deeply to the Duke bowed, blew out the candles of the command frame, the huge Hall of a sudden the dark down under.  
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He bats lower for Yorkshire

"He bats lower for Yorkshire but, the way he bats, he looks like he has a technique where he can bat anywhere 痛經.
"It's a tough position but he's more than capable of fitting in there. When he gets in, he goes big, and for top-order players that's vital."
Cook said any fall-out from Jos Buttler's controversial run-out in the final one-day international between the teams would not spill over into the Test series.
Lancashire's Buttler was run out by bowler Sachithra Senanayake as he backed up at the non-striker's end 急救產品.
"I would not read too much into it," said Cook.
"We want to play hard cricket, but we want to do it in the right way. We are responsible for our behaviour 裝修
Sri Lanka counterpart Angelo Mathews remained unrepentant about Buttler's dismissal at Edgbaston, in a six-wicket victory that won the tourists the series.
He said: "We played within the rules and stuck to the spirit of cricket."
England (from): Alastair Cook (capt), Sam Robson, Gary Ballance, Ian Bell, Joe Root, Moeen Ali, Matt Prior (wk), Stuart Broad, Chris Jordan, James Anderson, Liam Plunkett, Chris Woakes.
Sri Lanka (from): Angelo Mathews (capt), Lahiru Thirimanne, Dimuth Karunaratne, Kaushal Silva, Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Prasanna Jayawardene (wk), Dinesh Chandimal, Rangana Herath, Dilruwan Perera, Shaminda Eranga, Nuwan Kulasekara, Nuwan Pradeep, Chanaka Welagedara, Dhammika Prasad.  
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all 450 million of them

The company hopes this new method of sharing user listening and watching habits will take advantage of the five billion status updates related to TV and music experiences that the social networking giant sees on a yearly basis 寫字樓裝修設計.

However, automating part of the sharing process has left some users suspicious, with Nicole Simon commenting on TechCrunch that: "While the idea is nice and technology really interesting, I have no interest in Facebook 'observing' my audio and surrounding. Yes, it starts currently as opt-in, and only on occasion, but there is no trust from my side for even that 牙齒矯正."

Advertising and Shazam
The BBC understands that this new feature was not specifically designed to enhance Facebook's advertising. However, the company could push an advert to a user's phone based on their tracked listening habits preamp

This is in keeping with Facebook's current approach to advertising, which uses publicly provided information on users' profiles to push advertisements that are more relevant to each individual user.

The basic idea behind Facebook's feature is not a new one - since 2002 Shazam, which has recently seen a $3m investment from Sony Music Entertainment, has been providing a similar audio recognition service, with its website describing itself as "a mobile app that recognises music and TV around you".

Users of Shazam - all 450 million of them - can not only share their listening habits with other users of the app, but they can also push their updates to Facebook and Twitter.

The app also provides artist biographies, lyrics, videos, recommended tracks and concert tickets.

Facebook's much larger user base could pose a future threat to the comparatively smaller company.  
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Heat kills the bacteria love

The USDA is now disclosing the names of some of the retail stores that may have gotten contaminated hamburger.
Nearly 2 million pounds of ground beef were recalled by Wolverine Packing Co. in Detroit on Monday after 11 people in four states fell sick.
Click here for information on the codes.
According to the US Department of Agriculture, the contaminated meat may have been shipped to 10 states: Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin and North Dakota.
Click here for the list of stores that may have gotten the meat.
The meat may have been sold in stores from the end of March to the start of May so the contaminated beef is most likely not in stores right now after the voluntary recall. The worry now: It may be in people’s freezers.
Freezers do no kill E.coli. Heat kills the bacteria so follow these tips when grilling this Memorial Day 暗瘡印
1. If you see pink inside a burger this weekend, put it back on the grill tom ford sale
2. Use a meat thermometer to make sure your burger is cooked all the way through. Cook it to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F., at which E.coli will die 韓國劇集在中國的火熱.  
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A Florida woman was reunited

A Florida woman was reunited with her 12-year-old daughter Saturday after a four-year separation.
Jodie Borchert, of Deltona, Florida, had not seen her daughter, Cara Cox, since she dropped off the girl with her father, Aaron Cox, for a weekend visit in 2009.
Cox, 55, then abducted his daughter and fled the country, police said.
Since 2009, police from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office have searched for the pair but they had no solid leads for yearsdesigner sunglasses clearance

However, police got a tip on Monday that the pair was in the remote Hidalgo area of Mexico, according to a statement by the Volusia County Sherriff’s Office 物業套現.
Working with authorities from Mexico and the U.S. State Department, law enforcement officials were able to find and arrest Cox and recover his daughter. Police said the pair had been living under assumed names while living in Mexico.
After Cox’s arrest, Cara was flown back to Miami to be with her mother for the first time in four years 磨皮
“The mother was waiting, anxiously waiting here in Miami for the plane to touch down and for her to finally meet her daughter after all these years,” Brandon Haught of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office told ABC News affiliate WFTV-TV in Orlando, Florida.
Cox was in jail in Miami on a charge of interfering with custody and awaiting extradition to Volusia County, Florida. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office did not know whether or not Cox had retained a lawyer.  
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Death and Disaster love

Warhol's "Race Riot, 1964," a rare four-panel painting from his "Death and Disaster" series, is estimated to sell for $45 million. It was a direct response to an article Warhol saw in Life magazine that ran with an image by Associated Press Photographer Charles Moore.

Another "Death and Disaster" painting at the sale is "White Marilyn." Warhol painted it in 1962 shortly after the Hollywood star took her life. It has a pre-sale estimate of $12 million to $18 million.

The current Warhol auction record is $105 million for his "Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)."

Estimated to bring between $20 million and $30 million, Basquiat's 1981 "Untitled" is replete with graffiti imagery and text and marks his "transcendence from the leading figure on the underground art scene to the established world of international art stardom," Christie's said. His "Dustheads," which sold last spring for $48.8 million, holds the auction record for the New York artist.

Christie's also is offering Jeff Koons' "Jim Beam J.B. Turner Train," a 9 1/2-foot-long-stainless steel sculpture filled with bourbon that is expected to bring $25 million. Last spring, his "Balloon Dog (Orange) sold for $58.4 million, setting a world auction record for a living artistSpeed Dating
Dating Service.

Another celebrated work, Mark Rothko's "Untitled" is estimated at $40 million to $60 million. It is a large abstract oil painting with colors ranging from a silvery mist to a deep violet.  
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restored monument amazement

kgienk245gew During an early look at the restored monument, Rubenstein hiked to the top, taking the stairs in a suit and tie. Memorial plaques inside the monument from each state seemed to be clean and intact, and the view "is really spectacular," he said.

The billionaire co-CEO of The Carlyle Group has been urging other philanthropists to engage in what he calls "patriotic philanthropy." In time, he predicts more philanthropists will make similar gifts. Rubenstein is co-chair of a campaign to raise funds to help restore the National Mall, serves as a regent of the Smithsonian Institution and is chairman of the Kennedy Center. He has also made major gifts to the National Archives and Library of Congress.

Molly Riley/AP Photo
PHOTO: In this Saturday, May 10, 2014 photo, Bob Vogel, superintendent of National Mall and Memorial Parks, points out the location of a repaired crack on a scale model in a new exhibit inside the Washington Monument.
During the monument's restoration, the AP had a look at some of the worst damage from the 500-foot level. Stones were chipped and cracked all the way through with deep gashes in some places. Others had hairline cracks that had to be sealed.

Some damaged marble was replaced with salvaged material or stone from the same Maryland quarry as the monument's original marble. The replacement stone had been saved from the steps of old Baltimore row houses.  
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creative diagnose acquired

4gewe3g6edge UK scientists say they have found a way of diagnosing different types of bowel disease by testing the smells given off by patients' stools.

The test analyses the chemical compounds emitted and recognises the profile of different diseases.

In a study of 182 stool samples from patients with inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome, the results were 76% accurate.

The research team said the test could provide more accurate diagnoses.

The University of the West of England study, published in the Journal of Breath Research, used a testing system they built combining a gas chromatograph and a metal oxide sensor to recognise patterns specific to known diseases.

These patterns are created by volatile organic compounds emitted from stool samples, which are a good indicator of the conditions in the patient's gastrointestinal tract.

Difficult to diagnose
Norman Ratcliffe, professor of material and sensor sciences at UWE, said the "odour reader" would get even more accurate results with more samples to test.

"There is a huge amount of variation in samples because of the different foods eaten by patients, but we have trained the system to match unknown samples to the database of patterns it has already acquired. With more samples, we would get better results for rent apartments in hk."

The method could be particularly useful for diagnosing for a group of diseases that are hard to distinguish, he said 明星百科.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), for example, have very similar symptoms, making a definitive diagnosis difficult - and yet they are very different conditions 瑪姬去印.

IBD is an autoimmune disease caused by a response of the immune system to microbes in the gut, which is usually diagnosed by colonoscopy, while IBS is a disorder of the digestive tract with no known cause.

It is often only diagnosed when other more serious bowel diseases have been ruled out.

The study results also showed that patients with IBD could be distinguished from healthy patients with a 79% accuracy.

Gary Douch, chairman of Bowel Disease UK, said the process offered hope to those suffering from a range of bowel diseases.

"If this process is as accurate as 76% it will offer hope to those potentially suffering from IBD.

"If patients can be correctly diagnosed early without the invasive investigations, it will save the NHS money and also speed up much-needed treatment for the patient."  
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